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Roman Rottweiler

Breeding Smart and Obedient Rottweilers

Purchase Rottweilers from Roman Rottweiler Kennels and get smart and lively dogs that are perfect for show or as pets. We breed healthy Rottweilers for pooch lovers in Northern California and Oregon. Every Rottweiler in our care would excel in every aspect of training that you might need.

Loyal Friends to Their Owners

For us, responsible breeding is about providing well-tempered Rottweiler puppies that can serve as loyal guardians to their masters. A Rottweiler is a very loyal breed, perfect for a single-person companion, service dog, or a family dog! By having one of our puppies, you get a healthy Rottweiler who will be your friend and confidant for years. Call us today for more information about our stud and puppies.

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