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Roman Rottweiler

Shutzhund , Service dogs, and Protection Training

Rottweilers are known to be robust and powerful, perfect for a service dog or a family dog. Despite that, they are happiest when given an active and lively job. Their endurance, intelligence, and willingness to work make them suitable as:

  • Police Dog
  • Herder
  • Service Dog
  • Therapy Dog
  • Obedience Competitor
  • Devoted Companion

If you live in Northern California or Oregon, there’s no better place to find the best Rottweilers than Roman Rottweiler Kennels.

Attitude Toward Others

You never have to worry about danger when you have Rottweilers by your side because they are inherent protectors. They respond quietly with a wait-and-see attitude that influences their environment. In addition, Rottweilers are extremely confident, reserved, affectionate, and loyal to their families.

Physical Appearance

Rottweilers are medium in size. Their coat is black with markings of rust to mahogany color.


It is likely that Rottweilers descended from the Roman drover dogs, which have been described as dependable and loyal protectors of people, thanks to their strong guarding instinct. These rugged dogs also possessed great intelligence and a willingness to perform well in their jobs.

On that note, you may devote time to teach social skills to your own Rottweiler. When he or she learns (and it won’t be hard), you have yourself a friend for life.

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